About Us

ORITECH commenced its operations in the year 2005 with the manufacturing Induction Heating and Hardening Equipment using the IGBT technology in Power Electronics which is more advanced and sophisticated compared to the Thyristor based Induction Equipment commonly used in India,

We have installed 100+ heating equipments all over India ranging from 10 kW to 1000kW, 0.5 kHz to 200 kHz and covering a wide range of applications ranging from case and surface Hardening to thorough Heating & from Annealing to Stress relieving.

In 2008, we extended our product line by beginning the manufacturing of Induction furnaces. We have successfully installed more than 14 Induction Furnaces for Steel Plants / Foundries with capacity upto 4500kW/12Ton till 2017.

With IGBT Technology, we have been successful in increasing efficiency and cutting down electrical losses for our furnaces. They have given out exceptional figures for unit consumption per kg and melting rates per hour. The in-built demand management circuitry enables the equipment to run most optimally, without crossing demand.

We procure components from the most renowned manufacturers of the world to comply with the quality norms. Our team consists of qualified engineers who are highly experienced in research & development in the field of induction. This experience has helped us in catering to Heat treatment and melting needs, ranging from general purpose machines to fully automated Induction equipment, suiting the widest product line.

Why IGBT in Induction Equipment ?

Wi th every upgrade, technology have given us more simpler, more efficient and lesser power consuming devices.

Valves, Diodes, Thyri stors (SCR) … IGBT i s now the NEXT SUCCESSOR ...

From SMPS to UPS, Electrical di scharge machines to Voltage / frequency converters, Welding machines to Cutting machines, Robotics to Medical instruments, AC Drives to Servo Control Drives, Elevators to Rai lway Engines, IGBTs are now everywhere in operation.

Noise reduction, better efficiency, low swi tching losses, better control and simpler yet stable operation have made IGBTs being widely accepted in all these machines.

As a part of innovative design, ORITECH in 2005 soon after i ts inception, designed and engineered i ts fi rst IGBT based induction equipment.

In later years, persi stent upgrading and development confidently lead us to manufacture induction equipment based ONLY on IGBT technology; a 'UNIQUE TREND' which in the coming years wi ll possibly elevate the Induction Equipment technology to a new level.

Today eight years later, we are happy that our efforts are widely appreciated and admired by the Experts of the industry.

Our Mission and Vision, both converges to one single perception, Saving Energy bit by bit.
The Journey...
  • Achieved yet another breakthrough by increasing the Product Capacity to 6000kW/15Ton Melting Furnace
  • Broke records by achieving the lowest ever power consumption at less than 470 Units/MT through our 2500kW/3T Furnace installation for DI/CI melting
  • Exhibited capabilities of installing five furnaces above 3500kW with improved energy efficiency & productivity by more than 10%
  • Initiated a paradigm shift by further raising the benchmark to 4000kW/10Ton Melting Furnace
  • Scaled new heights with installation of 3000kW/8Ton Melting Furnace
  • 350kW/2000kg Silver Smelting Induction Furnace commissioned in Mexico
  • Dual Track Induction Melting Furnace of 100kW/100kg & 200kg
  • First 1000kW IGBT based Roll Hardening Equipment
  • First 250kW/500kg IGBT based Induction Melting Furnace
  • 250kW Induction Billet Heater for Forging application
  • Dual Frequency (10kHz & 50kHz) Induction Hardening Equipment
  • The Path Breaking Innovation of IGBT Technology for Induction laid the robust foundation of an enterprising firm, ORITECH.