Heating Equipments


Process Melting
  • Most advance and efficient IGBT Technology.
  • Unique and Indigenously developed IGBT based design for exceptional per formance and adaptability for severest foundry environment.
  • Programmable Logic Controller and Colour Touch Sensitive screen giving more operative flexibility.
  • Revolutionary Self-Tuning Peak Power Tracking Circuit giving 10-20 % Higher production for the same load Demand and Lesser Power consumption.
  • Single TRACK & Double TRACK melting furnaces both requir ing most compact panel size and floor area.
  • Automated Production Reports and Data logging in .xls format.
  • In built Active Demand Controller to deliver Power utilization up to 97% dur ing operation.
  • Detai led display Graphics and Self supervising sintering cycle.
  • Multi-level password protected screens.
  • Impor ting Operational / Production data directly to computer .
  • Data transfer though RS485/232 communication devices.
  • Power factor above 0.96 through out the operation.
  • Minimum power requirement in auxi liar ies and pumps.
  • Exceptional production figures and Melt rate.
  • Dedicated Technical backing.
  • Per sistent Research and Development.
  • Admirable and Str ingent Quality standards.

Job Hardening

Process Melting
Surface Hardening, Case Hardening, Selective Hardening, Roll Hardening, Machine tools, Industrial, Automobile, Heavy Machinery Equipment.

Easy load matching for wide range of jobs and industr ial par ts, Multi frequency output, Both High as well as Medium frequency in same equipment, Customized Scanning system, Can be used for general p urpose application to fully Automatic machines. Motor ized as well as Servo controlled movements.

Job Handling: Vertical and Horizontal Scanners.

Horizontal / Vertical Crank Shaft Hardening:

Single / Multi cylinder crank shafts.

Single or Multi Crank Shaft Loading, Servo controlled automated Inductor positioning, Excellent Hardening Proper ties, Fast Quenching process, High production rate.

Crank Shaft up to 1500 mm length and 4 pre-loaded crank shafts.

Induction Roll / Sleeve Hardening

Process Melting
Rolling Mill Work Rolls and Sleeve hardening for back-up Rolls.

Automatic positioning, heating and quenching cycles, Excellent Heating patterns and hardening proper ties, High production Rates and least power consumption.

Rolls and Sleeves up to 800 mm diameter and uniform case depth of 12-30 mm.

Process Melting

Heating Applications

Billet Heating:

Billet, Bars, Industrial tools, Machine tools, Forging process.

Automatic and timed billet inser tion, Auto billet sensing, Uniform temperature distribution, Accurate temperature control, No start-up delay, Reduced scaling.

End Heating

Bars, Rods, Billet, Tubes, Agroequipment, Machine tools.

Automatic and timed job insertion, Auto job sensing, Uniform temperature distribution, Accurate temperature control, No star t-up delay. Single station up to six station equipment.

Crank Shaft up to 1500 mm length and 4 pre-loaded crank shafts.

Tube Welding:

M.S/S.S Tubes

Uniform welding, Perfect speed and temperature control.

In-Line Heating:

Tubes, Rods, Aluminum Conductor , Billet, Bars.

Uniform temperature distribution, Accurate temperature control, No star t-up delay, Single stage and double stage heating.

Induction Brazing:

Cookware, Pan-bottom, Tool tip, Rotor .

Single and Multi station heating, Accurate Temperature Control, Consistent Brazing.

Stress Relieving / Annealing:

Cookware and Utensils, Tubes, Machine appliances.

Stationary and Conveyor based process, Accurate temperaturedistribution.

Tampering, Bending and Shrink Fitting Process:

Custom applications.